Real Estate

Want a Way to Save Big Money?

Today’s economy has everyone looking for ways to save money. Squeezing in one extra mortgage payment a year might seem like a stretch, but in the long run, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars.

I used this Dave Ramsey mortgage payoff calculator to figure out how much I would save. That one extra payment a year saves me about $19,000 over the life of my mortgage. It also shaves almost six years off the loan! Y’all, that’s a lot of money!

So now I’m looking at ways I can cut my monthly budget to squeeze in the cash to make that extra payment. If you look at it in terms of the total amount saved, that’s a whole car, a lot of vacations, or more money in retirement savings.

You can also enter other payment amounts. If you can’t do a whole extra payment right now, you’ll still get some savings by paying a little extra.

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