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Property Fraud is on the Rise

As stated on the Property Fraud Alert website, “According to the FBI, Property and Mortgage Fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime. It can be as simple as someone recording a fraudulent document in the County Land Records offices making it look like they now own your home or property.”

That is so scary! You work hard to pay your mortgage and then someone swoops in and takes the house. This article from the FBI explains the details, but it seems fairly simple.

  • Thieves assume your identity. (Be careful what you’re sharing online.)
  • They purchase online forms or buy them at an office supply store.
  • They file those documents with the county.

You’re left paying the mortgage on a home that your county says you no longer own.

To combat this fraud, County Land Offices in several states have set up an alert system. You simply register online, and if someone tries to file a document using your name, you get an alert. Go to the Property Fraud Alert website, find your county, and register. I did it for my husband and me and it took less than a minute for each of us.

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