Real Estate

I Don’t Know How to Decorate!

I’m not a decorator or a tour guide. I can’t count the number of people who have told me, “I’d make a great Realtor®, I love to decorate.” Clearly, these people haven’t seen my home! If they had, they’d know being a good decorator is not a prerequisite for a Realtor®.

But I love to look at homes…

I’m also not a tour guide. I’ve had people tell me, “I’d be great at your job! I love to look at houses.” I enjoy looking at homes as much as the next person, but I’m looking for things to point out that are important to you as a buyer or seller. Hints of foundation issues, old electrical panels or plumbing, the age of the roof, anything that could be indicative of major issues and anything you need to take care of prior to listing your home.

You need an inspector

And, no, even though I’m looking for these issues, I’m not an inspector. My job is to encourage you as a buyer to get an inspection done within your option period, so you can make a wise decision on moving forward with the purchase.

I also must know what kinds of inspections are important. A regular home inspection doesn’t look for wood-destroying insects or check the septic system or swimming pool. I need to know who to recommend to get those inspections done if need be.

Who do I call?

I also need to know who to call if you need an estimate before the option period is over so you can make a good decision moving forward. Need an electrician? “Here’s three options in case you don’t know someone you trust.” Same for plumbers, HVAC companies, foundation repair companies and any other type of repairperson.

Negotiate like a pro

I am a negotiator. As a buyer’s agent, once the inspections are done, my job is to review that with you and then negotiate with the other agent what is important to you. As a seller’s agent, my job is to go over the requested repairs or concessions with you and help you decide what you’re willing to do as a seller.

“Pick up that heavy phone” Charles Castleberry

My training as a Realtor® is in contracts and understanding how to coordinate buying and selling your home as smoothly as possible. I have to know how to communicate well with everyone involved in the process. I don’t always want to pick up the phone and make hard phone calls, but I always will because it’s important to you as a buyer or seller. As a result, I’ve developed thick skin because people are sometimes not happy with how things go during a transaction.

Repeat clients

Above everything, I’ll work hard for you as my client and do my best to make sure you’re a repeat client.  But PLEASE don’t ask me for decorating advice. You probably won’t be happy with the result.